Florian Sommerfeldt

Test Engineer

Testing complex software by exploring, learning, and experimenting. Building fast and stable test automation. Giving talks and workshops about software testing. Using automation to get rid of repetitive, time-consuming, and monotonous tasks.

13 Years' Experience

...testing web and mobile applications, microservices, and more in businesses like e-commerce, banking, taxation, and security.

...improving products, services, and processes by collaborating with all sorts of roles as an embedded tester.

...using scripts and technologies like Docker and Kubernetes to automate test setups.

...using open-source software to build test automation frameworks and write tests.

...thinking about personas, use cases, and how the software helps to solve a user's problem.

...analyzing risks coming from or impacting the software, project, organization, or people.

...providing information about the state of the software to help to make decisions.


...from people at conferences like SoCraTes Switzerland, SeleniumConf, and Agile Testing Days.

...from courses like Rapid Software Testing and Advanced Web Security Testing.

...from blogs and by participating in meetups, like the Meetup of Test in Zurich.


...I consider to guide my actions: Context-Driven Testing, Automation in Testing, and Modern Testing